Learn Why Your Resume Might Not Be Working For You...

And Start Landing Interviews.

Have you been sending out resumes and not hearing back? Do you feel like you are submitting your resume into a massive black hole of job applications? Are you sick of writing and re-writing your resume with no results?

To stand out, today's resumes need to be extremely targeted to the positions you want to apply for. One-fits-all and general approaches just simply won't work.

This course will help you discover why your approach might not be working - so you can take action to improve it and write a better resume to land a job you actually want.

Writing Resumes Isn't That Easy...

(Trust me, I've written hundreds of them).

This Course Will Help You Learn How I Do It.

As a Professional Resume Writer, I've worked with hundreds of clients to write resumes for their ideal jobs. In this course, I'll share the strategy I use to write customized resumes that get results.

Define Your Goals.

You'll learn how to define your goals so you have clarity on what you want and can clearly identify the jobs you want to apply for.

Identify Target Jobs.

You'll gain an understanding of what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for when reviewing resumes for your ideal jobs.

Write a Resume That Works.

Learn how to customize your resume so it's aligned with the requirements of the job description!

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Learn What's Not Working With Your Resume & Start Landing Interviews

Have you been sending out resumes and not hearing back? Not landing interviews? Or are you trying to write your resume and you just don't know what to do or what to include? This course is designed to help you figure out what's wrong, so you can write a resume that works for you.

Who Am I?

Thanks for dropping by! I'm so excited to help you move towards the next stage of your career.

I'm Vida Thomson, a Career Coach, Professional Resume Writer, and Human Resources Professional. I've worked with hundreds of clients to help them discover their ideal careers.

I created this course to share the knowledge I've gained through 10+ years in Human Resources, along with writing resumes for and coaching hundreds of clients as the Founder of Flourish Career Consulting.